Accomodation - The Egret Cottage

Kócsagvár, Sarród
The first two wings of the Kócsagvár (Egret Cottage) include quarters. In 8 rooms we can provide accommodation for altogether 24 guests at a time. To every room belong a separate bathroom (with shower) and a toilet.
Every four rooms have a common kitchen, thus dining can be solved individually as well. For groups the nearby restaurants deliver the meals if required.

In the Kócsagvár there is a day and night porter service. To the building belong a closed court and a car park. The enclosed grass-grown area located next to the building offers an excellent opportunity for diverse outdoor activities.
Around the building, in the little forest there is the "Kócsagvár Nature Trail" which provide a pleasant short walk for those who would like to know more about the local fauna.
Dogs may not be brought into the building!

The accommodation is available all over the year. Kócsagvár is a popular location for nature school programs, various camps and courses, with the possibility of both field practices and indoor occupation. 
Prices/night Individual  Group price*
adult HUF 4600 HUF 4600
adult (3 or more nights) HUF 4300 HUF 4000
child HUF 3800 HUF 3500
child (3 or more nights) HUF 3500 HUF 3200
wing "A" HUF 55000 HUF 55000
wing "B" HUF 55000 HUF 55000
  *15 or more people

Tourist tax: HUF 250 (/person/night).
No tourist tax is charged for children under the age of 18.

- children under 4 is free
- child: up to and including 18 years.

How to get there
9435 Sarród, Rév-Kócsagvár
GPS:  N 47° 38' 18.70    E 16° 51' 46.58

Information and room reservation