Canoe tour in the reed of lake Fertő

  Guided Tours – Canoe tour in the reed of Lake Fertő
On an adventurous 6 km long canoe tour along the western shore of Lake Fertő we introduce flora and fauna of the reed, channels and the inner lakes enclosed in the reed. The route leads along the channels cut into the dense reed of the Lake Fertő into an almost untouched world, to the place between the Csárdakapui Channel and the Lake Kláder, where numerous wonders await the visitor. Among them maybe the most interesting are the invertebrate-eating golden-flowered bladderwort, the reed songbirds (Great Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Bearded Tit), the Great Egret, the Purple Heron, the Coot and various duck species.
The nature trail starts at the entrance of the Csárdakapui-channel situated halfway between the settlements Balf and Fertőrákos. (GPS: 47°40’42.89 N  ;  16°40’40.43 E ) Parking is possible at the channel.
The program starts with a definite number of participants, between the middle of May and the middle of September. Visitors under 14 years old may only participate under adult supervision. We suggest the use of appropriate clothing, hat and insect repellent. The duration of the tour is 3 hours. In the case of doubtful we cannot undertake the organization of the program.

Participation fee: 3 000 Ft/person, the minimal fee of the program is 30 000 Ft.  
How to get there
Információs iroda és Ajándékbolt, Kócsagvár
Tel: 06 99 / 537 620