Tanösvények - A Fertő-tájon

Sea Aster Nature Trail
Visitors of the nature trail can get an impression of the flora and fauna of the saline steppes and lakes as well as of the traditional Hungarian domestic animals and their role in preserving and utilizing the protected habitats. The trail leads us through the saline steppes grazed by Hungarian grey cattle, racka sheep and water buffalo, including the shallow saline lakes. The steppe nature trail is situated ca. 7 km north of Sarród, its length is almost 4 km and can be visited by bike and afoot. Its starting point is the sluice of the Hanság-channel lying on the road between Sarród and Fertőújlak. This nature trail is the best equipped one.

The nature trail can be visited freely!
Bladderwort Nature Trail

The visitor can get an impression of the reed-belt, channels and inner lakes surrounded by reed on the western part of the Lake Fertő on an adventurous, 6 km long canoe tour. The botanical and zoological nature trail leads us through the channels cut into the dense reed of the Lake Fertő into an almost untouched world. The area between the Csárdakapui-channel and the Kádler-lake awaits the visitor with numerous wonders. The nature trail starts at the entrance of the Csárdakapui-channel situated halfway between the settlements Balf and Fertőrákos. Parking is possible at the channel. 

The nature trail can be visited with a guide seasonally between June and August.
Lily of the Valley Nature Trail

A precious area within the hills adjacent to the Lake Fertő is the Szárhalmi Forest stretching over 412 ha. The nature trail received its name from the scenting flower blossoming in great masses here in May. The 3,5 km long trail leads upon comfortable tourist ways and introduces the flora and fauna of 'Thermophilous woodland fringes' and 'Quercus pubescent scrub woodlands'. The circuit starts at the entrance of the Tómalom Bath (Tómalom-fürdő). Experiencing the whole trail needs about 1-1,5 hours.

Starting from Sopron you can get to the starting point of the nature trail on the way to Fertőrákos. Before reaching the settlement Sopronkőhida (ca. 200 meters ahead of it) you have to turn right to Tómalom-fürdő. Parking is possible. From May to the beginning of October local busses (number 6) go from Sopron to Tómalom-fürdő. 

The nature trail can be visited freely!
Rock Buckthorn Nature Trail

The Bishop’s Quarry in Fertőrákos is not only a memorial of a world lost by now but also a vivid home of especially valuable plants and animals. The 300 m long trail introduces the geological, zoological and botanical treasures of the Bishop’s Quarry.

It has a lookout part from where beside the panorama of the Lake Fertő the colourful flora adjusted to the environmental aptitudes and typical for the Pannonian rock steppes can be admired. Aside from the Rock Buckthorn, a botanical rarity other special values can be observed here as well.

Visiting at a charge of an entrance fee!
Hegykő Nature Trail

The 2 km long pedestrial trail can be found at the borders of the settlement Hegykő, on the southern shoreline of the Lake Fertő. Aim of the nature trail is to introduce the flora and fauna of the lake as well as the cultural heritage of the village. Starting at the thermal bath the road beside the church leads us to the shore of the lake (2 km). A longer trail leads to the anglers’ lake and arrives back to the settlemt at the Pieta statue (5 km). On the shore a birdwatching tower can be found. It is practical to visit the trail afoot or on bike.

The nature trail can be visited freely!